Friday, April 18, 2014

Unicorns and Rainbows Dress

I finished this cutie this morning.  Take a close look at the print of the dress.  You'll see rainbows, unicorns, bunnies, owls and all sorts of fun forest creatures.  I just love this one and I LOVE the green accents I added!

Bunnies and Birdies oh my!
 Oh my gosh this dress print is so super cute.  I can't handle it.  Here's a closer-up shot.

Too cute for words.

And check out the unicorn on the back of the dress in the obligatory booty stamp photo!


You may not believe it, but my high school mascot was the unicorn!  I'm super partial to them, and not just because they seem to be very popular these days.

Just in case anyone is wondering, I have plenty more of all of these cute fabrics.  On my recent fabric-buying trip (with my birthday gift card from some awesome friends) I got enough of each of these to make several dolls.  Right now I am just trying to make lots of tiny dolls for my upcoming craft fair booth.  I will be more than happy to make more in the near future (after May 10) if anyone is interested.

Happy weekend and Happy Easter!  I am working weddings both Saturday and Sunday but today I'll be starting another doll.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The cherry dress

Here is another doll made with some adorable fabric.  I like this print because it is rather vintage-inspired and reminds me of a farmhouse kitchen.  This doll absolutely had to be given black hair.  It just looks too perfect.

The girl in the cherry dress
I just love this little girl.  She has blue eyes and short black pigtails.  This dress print is too cute!  She is about 13" tall, just like the other tiny dolls.

Hello cutie pie!
MellySueMade Stamp
I'm off to make more dolls!  Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dolly Doll

I'm back to making lots of tiny dolls!  The fabric for the dress on today's doll is so super duper adorable.  The colors are vibrant and the print is quite twee.  I may need to make a couple more of these before the craft fair next month.

The dolly doll dress
I made this one with red hair and green eyes- but I may need to make a brunette and blonde one as well!

Hello dolly!
Can you tell that I am absolutely smitten with my tiny dolls?  I love their tininess.  They are so perfect to set on your desk- she could be your muse while you work all day! 

Stamped dolly booty
I'm off to make more dolls.  Happy Hump Day everyone!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Four Dolls

I haven't posted in a few days, and here is why.  I ended up working on a custom order of four of my tiny dolls!  A friend from high school (who now lives in North Carolina) asked me to make some of my tiny dolls.  And here are all four of them:

UNC and UT represented!
As you can see, I made my first tiny BOY doll!  I think he came out pretty darn cute.  As usual, I made the patterns myself.  I ordered the UNC fabric from online since it doesn't seem to be available here in Texas.

Stamped as usual
And now I am thinking that my tiny dolls would be perfect as gifts for bridesmaids, special birthdays, or any special occasion.  They look so cute all piled up there together. 

And now I am back to making as many dolls as possible for the craft fair next month.  I have about three weeks to build up my inventory.  My mother-in-law sent me another box of fabric that I received yesterday so I have lots and lots of cute prints to use!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Texas A&M Fangirl

I have a feeling that the fangirl dolls may be popular! After I posted the UT doll, I received a custom doll order including some UNC dolls.  Here is the A&M doll I previously promised.  The dress for this one ended up with a little lace trim, since I accidentally made it a little short!  Oops.  I'll be more careful next time.

Texas A&M fan-girl
So I went a bit overboard on the trim.  I still like the dress.  I did better with the poofiness on this dress- it actually fits her better than some of the others I have made.  It was just too short without the trim.

Frilly dress
I have lots more dolls to come!  I'll be making a few custom tiny dolls this week and lots more for the craft fair too!  Yesterday at my birthday lunch I received a gift card to a fabric store- so today I loaded up on all sorts of fun prints.

Made by me.
Have a great week everyone!  The weather is beautiful here!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The University of Texas fan-girl doll

This doll doesn't need much explanation.  She's wearing her UT dress and is ready to cheer on her favorite team! 

Go Longhorns!
The fabric is official and trademarked.  It looks adorable on this little girl!  I will also be making a Texas A&M dolly next- with fabric gifted me by my cousin Sidra!  I am an equal-opportunity dolly maker.


And her stamped back-side.

Happy Weekend, everyone!  I am off to work another wedding this afternoon but will be starting the Texas A&M doll very soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Superman Dress

The other day I mentioned that my mother-in-law recently sent me all sorts of fun fabric.  The first of those prints I used was the Strawberry Shortcake print- quite suitable for a little girl dolly.  Well, one of my other favorites I received in this shipment is a Superman print!  I was dead-set to use this for another dolly dress.  My husband questioned me "for a girl doll"?  Of course!  If you know anything about me, you know that I'm not too hung up on stereotypes.  Besides, there very well could be some Superman-loving girls out there!  So here's my newest creation:

Girl in a Superman dress
I gave her black hair and blue eyes- to match Clark Kent.  Instead of going with red for the dress trim, I decided to go with the yellow.  I love the end result.  The colors on this print are just so vibrant.  Along these same lines, I have a Star Wars print that should be becoming another dress very soon too.  #geeklove

Ready to save the day!

Speaking of mail, Am I the only one who still enjoys receiving some old fashioned snail-mail?  Of course I'm not.  If I was, there would be no such thing as National Letter Writing Month, which just happens to be April!  I belong to a group of mail-lovers that write real letters and send fun things through the USPS each April!  

I decided to send my NLWM pen-pal a very special tiny doll.  Here she is:

The Mail Girl!
This little girl is the one that got me started on my tiny doll kick as of late.  She is pretty darn cute!  My pen-pal has already received her so no chance of me ruining the surprise.

I am sort of all over the place here, but all of these cute prints have me super excited.  I have some sports-themed prints I will be using soon, too.  If any of my Houston friends happen upon any Houston Astros fabric (the orange and navy style), please send me a message.  I would love to obtain some and I can't find any here in the Austin area.  Thanks so much!